The Big Plans

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1CRAZY EFFED UP SH** Empty CRAZY EFFED UP SH** on Wed Apr 08, 2009 1:41 pm

-Go to Singapore and try in sneak in dozens and dozens of packs of Nicorette gum.
and sell them at an extraordinary rate.

-Go to Canada and buy A.C.C. Codeine - dance at the U.S./Canadian customs.

-Go to a the State Fair and smoke pot in the sky ride

-Drop an oversized pumpkin off the high-bridge in Saint Paul.

-Go to the grocery store and spill yogurt and smashed up doritos in an aisle
and have the cashier clerk call the clean team to the aisle and blame it on our
puking son.

-Go to Daytona Beach wearing only Depends.

-Saran Wrap your sisters car, Erik Tietz's car or Dan Baertlein's car.

-Rent a costume like a big soft drink costume, get drunk and visit friends
and try to start fights with them.

-Rent an R.V. or camper, pack way too much of one thing like underwear
and nothing else and just drive man, just drive.

-Get a big pair of granny panties, get naked together and both of us hop in the pair and wear them for a second and then make out in them naked.

-Play Cougar; I wear a backwards baseball hat, earring with a clean shaven face and a new hair cut. You wear a dress of some
sort, glasses, hair up in a bun, playtex-type bra, mom underwear and you boss me around and seduce me after Im done doing
your house chores.

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